Rewards program general details

Place bets and start earning cash back today! Every player at Galaxy Sports is automatically enrolled in the BetPoints™ Rewards Program. There are no fees to pay and no special sign-up needed. To earn cash back, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place eligible bets on sports or in the casino.
  2. Reach BetPoints™ goals to convert your points into Cash Back credits with no restrictions.
  3. The more you play, the more cash back you’ll earn. 
    *BetPoints™ will be awarded per lesser amount of risk/win amount.
  4. Reach certain amounts of BetPoints™ goals during the year to increase your Rewards Level for increased rewards and benefits!

BetPoints™ are not earned on horse wagers, but don't worry, if you play horses you’ll get daily cash rebates on all eligible bets.

For more details on how to earn BetPoints™, visit this page: Earning BetPoints™

For information on exchanging your points for cash, go here: Cash Back

You must have an account registered with Galaxy and be in good standing. In addition, management may determine, at its sole discretion, that your account is not eligible depending on the type of play. Only accounts considered to be "recreational" can participate in the Rewards Program.

*BetPoints™ will be awarded per lesser amount of risk/win amount.

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