Team name and location changes (futures still have action)

If an organization undergoes a team name change, future bets placed prior to the change will not be affected and will still have action. This applies to any part of the name being changed (mascot/logo or the city/region).

For example, if a bet is placed on a team to win the championship, and before the season starting that team announces they will use a new mascot, the bet stands.

This also applies to location changes that should occur, such as a team moving their home games to a new stadium for either a portion of, or the entire season. In this case futures on that team will have action.

This is not to be confused with a venue being changed for an individual game, in which case different rules apply and non-future bets may be void. 

*Future bets covered by these rules include (but are not limited to) teams to win a division, conference, or championship, team season win totals, and individual player awards and statistical achievements.

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