Baseball rules overview


All full game bets are considered official when:

  • The home team is winning after 8½ innings
  • The visiting team is winning after 9 full innings
  • The game is tied after 9 full innings
  • The home team wins in the bottom of the 9th

NOTE: If the home team ties the game in the 9th inning, and the game is then suspended/postponed and not completed before 5:00 AM PST the following day, then all bets are no action.

The above includes moneyline, total runs (over/under) and Run Line bets. 



Unless otherwise stated, all baseball wagers - MLB, college, softball, and foreign pro leagues - are now “Action” wagers. "Listed Pitchers" is no longer being offered. This applies to sides, totals, Run Lines, team totals, first five innings and inning-by-inning props.

*all wagers have action at the confirmed price. For example, if you selected a team at +200, but due to a pitching change, their price drops to +180, your bet is still locked in at +200.



All games must be completed within these time frames:

  • MLB, NCAA and Dominican Republic: By 5:00 AM PST the following day.
  • International Leagues & Softball: Within 36 hours of the scheduled start time, regardless of venue.

Any market whose outcome has already been determined will have action, even if the game is suspended after that point.



Whenever you are betting on games that are part of a doubleheader in baseball, please consider the following rules:

  1. Prior to the games starting, the 1st game scheduled to be played will be labeled as 'Game 1', and the 2nd game scheduled will be labeled 'Game 2'.
  2. In the event that games in a doubleheader are scheduled for 7 innings only, the game must go 7 innings (6½ if the home team is winning) for bets to have action. This includes moneyline, total runs and Run Line bets.


If a game is scheduled to be played as a regular 9-inning game; but before the start it is announced that it will be reduced to a 7-inning game, then all bets will be void on the original lines. Bets will also be void in the reverse situation: a game is scheduled for 7 innings, but it is changed to 9 innings. In both scenarios, once the new odds are published bets can be placed again.

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