Suspended / postponed baseball games - International Leagues & Softball

The following rules are for baseball games being postponed or suspended for any reason. The most common reason is due to rain or other inclement weather, but these rules also apply to power outages, natural disasters, stadium emergencies, etc.

For rules on MLB, NCAA and Dominican Republic, please refer to the article found HERE

For International Leagues (Dominican Republic excluded) and Softball, for full game bets to have action the game must reach official game time with a winner declared, within 36 hours of the scheduled start time.

If a game is suspended and is not completed within 36 hours, all bets on the full game will be void and stakes refunded. This applies to games suspended before they begin, and games suspended during play.  


  • The road team is leading 5-3 in the middle of the 10th inning. The league decides to postpone the game until later in the season. While the game did reach 9 innings played, a winner was not determined, so all full games bets are void.
  • The home team is leading 8-1 at the end of the 8th inning. The league decides this will stand as an official result, but all full game bets are void as the game did not reach official game time.
  • A game is tied 3-3 and suspended in the 7th inning, but is completed the very next day. All bets stand and are settled on the official final score (because the game was completed within 36 hours of the original start time).
  • The game is rained out before starting and re-scheduled for one month later. All bets are void. 

NOTE: The 36-hour does not apply during the playoffs. All postseason wagers have action as long as the game is completed within 30 days from the original start date.

All wagers placed on markets whose outcomes have already been determined will have action!

Example: when you bet on 'will a run be scored in the 1st inning', the bet will have action as soon as the market is official (the first inning ends), even if the game is suspended after that.

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