General overtime rules

For some sports that have the possibility of going into an overtime (OT) period, the overtime will count towards the contest's final score for the purposes of:

► Full game wagers (spread, totals, moneylines)

► 2nd Half wagers (spread, totals, moneylines)

In most cases, bets made on the 4th quarter of a game do NOT include scores in overtime.

Generally speaking, these OT rules apply to football and basketball overtimes.

In sports such as soccer and rugby, there are usually markets that apply only to regulation time; excluding OT periods entirely. However, these sports may also offer alternative "OT Included" lines which will be clearly labeled as such.

Keep in mind this article is only to be used as a guideline and these exact rules do not apply to all events! Please check individual rules for each sport to be certain of which rules apply.

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