How Live Betting works

Live Betting is an exciting option that lets you continue to place bets on games while they're in progress, so the action can keep going all game long.

Just log in to your account and check the 'Sports' section to see what's available.

Here, you will see both pre-game and Live Betting on the same screen. You can easily tell which games are offering Live Betting - these will be marked with:

  • A blue “LIVE” (Wi-Fi) symbol for games that will offer Live Betting, but which haven't started yet.
  • A green “LIVE” (Wi-Fi) symbol for games that are currently in progress and offering live bets now.

NOTE: Live Betting is only available online; Live Bets cannot be placed over the phone.

Live Betting is offered on the most popular sports and gives you adjusted lines based on what is happening during the game/match in real-time, with options to bet on the sidestotals, plus prop bets (on selected events), including next-play outcomes.

On events where live lines are offered, a game tracker* will be included - showing you the current score and what stage the event is at. The scores always list the Home team first (on the left) and the Away team second (on the right).

Please keep in mind live lines are constantly being updated. It is highly recommended to place your bets quickly, otherwise, the spread/odds are subject to change.

*Note: due to delays, the game tracker may not always be 100% accurate at all times. Galaxy does not take responsibility for bets that are placed based on the information provided here.  

If you have any questions about Live Betting, feel free to contact the Galaxy wagering team on Live Chat anytime.

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