Cash rebate details

As Galaxy's way of giving something back, all customers can receive a cash back percentage credited daily on eligible horse wagers.

  • Get 3% back on all Win, Place and Show wagers 
  • Get 8% back on exotic wagers 

There are no minimum weekly volume requirements and no maximum on how much you can earn!

The following rules apply:

  • No rebates will be given on canceled wagers refunded due to a scratch.
  • Wagers on "D" and "E" level tracks are not eligible for rebates.
  • No rebates will be given on payouts of $2.20 or less.

Please check the rules for which tracks are eligible for a rebate.

Rebates are usually credited daily by 23:00 PST (please allow an additional hour in case of delays).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Galaxy horse department.

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