Live Betting available sports & matches

Galaxy strives to offer as many Live Betting lines as possible to make sure there is more than enough action for you to enjoy!

Live Betting is available on all major North American sports - football, baseball, basketball and hockey – and usually also on soccer and tennis.

Occasionally Live Betting may be offered on other sports as well.

When Live Betting is available, sides (moneylines, spreads) and totals are offered on nearly all games.

Proposition (prop) bets are not available on every game but are offered on highlighted games and matches. For example, props will always be included on NFL prime time games: Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. Other selected games will be included as well, based on popularity, with game times also taken into consideration.

We apologize if a certain sport or match you are interested in doesn’t offer Live Betting. We are always looking to add more options in the future.

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