Tennis live set betting rules

With tennis live set betting, you can bet on outcomes such as which player will win the next set, how many games will be played in the set, exact score, and more.

NOTE: these markets may not be offered on every match. Availability of all Live Betting markets is subject to Galaxy’s discretion.

If a player retires from a match in the middle of a set, but before the set has been completed, all bets on that particular set will have no action and stakes will be returned.

The exception to this is when the outcome of the wager has already been determined. For example, if you bet on Player A to win the 3rd and 4th games of Set #2, and they win them both, your bet is a winner. Even if the set is not completed, the wager will have action since the outcome is determined and cannot be changed.

Set betting options include the following:

  • Player to win the set
  • Total number of games in the set (over/under bet)
  • Which player will win games #X and #Y in the set
  • Exact correct score in the set
  • Number of total sets played
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