Baseball official game times

Beginning in 2020, all full game bets are official after 8½ innings if the home team is ahead, or after 9 full innings if the visiting team is ahead. This includes moneyline, total runs (over/under) and Run Line bets. 

Prior to 2020, moneyline bets would have action after 5 full innings of play (4½ if the home team was winning).

NOTE: In the event that games in a doubleheader are scheduled for 7 innings only (such as the MLB 2020 season) the game must go 7 innings (6½ if the home team is winning) for bets to have action.

Games must be completed, with a winner declared as follows, based on the league:

  • MLB and Dominican Republic: By 5 AM (in the time zone where the game is played)
  • NCAA, International Leagues & Softball: Within 36 hours of the scheduled start time, regardless of venue. 

Any market whose outcome has already been determined will have action, even if the game is suspended after that point.

*For complete official rules about suspended games, please see these articles:

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