Total bases

The "total bases" prop bet is a matchup between two players on opposing teams in the same game, where you are betting on which player will have more total bases in the game.

Bases are awarded on hits only, as follows:

  • Single = 1 base
  • Double = 2 bases
  • Triple = 3 bases
  • Home Run = 4 bases

Bases are not awarded for any of the following:

  • Walks (including intentional walks)
  • Reaching/advancing on errors
  • Advancing on the throw
  • Reaching on a dropped third strike
  • Stolen bases
  • Hit by pitch

Official MLB (or applicable league) scoring is used (including any plays overturned by video review) and the leagues’ decisions are final.

For bets to have action the full 9 innings must be played (8½ if the home team is ahead), both players must have at least one at-bat and both players must start the game (ex: if a player is brought in to pinch hit, this will not count and bets will be void).

Also, if a player starts in a defensive position but is removed from the game before recording an at-bat, the bet will have no action.

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