Series wagers

With baseball regular season series wagers, you are betting on which team will win more games in the series.

  • Bets are based on the first 3 games played of each series. For series that have four games, the
    4th game will not be included for betting purposes.
  • If one of the first three games gets postponed, wagers will still have action. If, as a result of a postponed game, the series is reduced to only two games and the teams split these games, all series wagers will have no action and stakes will be refunded.
  • All series wagers are action (no listed pitchers)
  • For a series bet to have action, all games in the series must be played in order, with neither team playing another opponent between scheduled games. For example, if a 3-game series starts today, and the first and second games are played today and tomorrow, but the third game is rained out and rescheduled to be played one month from now, all bets on the series will have no action.
  • Series betting is not offered on two-game series.
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