Hockey overtime & shootout rules

Overtime periods are included for NHL wagers only. Bets on Canadian, European, or any other hockey league outside the NHL are for regulation time ONLY and do NOT include either overtime or penalty shootouts (unless otherwise stated).

Overtime/Shootout Rules (NHL ONLY)

  • Goals scored during OT are included for bets on the full game, but are not included on bets for the 3rd period.
  • Bets on overtime lines are for the complete OT, regardless of how many overtime periods are played and will include a penalty shootout if required to determine the winner.
  • If a game requires a shootout to determine the winner, one (1) goal will be awarded to the winner (regardless of how many goals were scored in the shootout) and this goal will count towards the side (moneyline and puckline) as well as the total.
  • Team totals are based on regulation time and overtime only; penalty shootouts do not count.
  • Alternative Pucklines & Totals include both overtime and shootouts.
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