Shortened or canceled golf tournaments

When betting on golf, keep in mind there are different rules regarding tournaments that are either shortened or canceled entirely.

► If a tournament is shortened after it has started, then all bets stand and are based on the official result determined by the PGA, LPGA, or other governing body. An example of this would be if the tournament's governing body makes the decision to lower the tournament from 4 to 3 rounds.

► If a tournament is postponed due to weather, course conditions, etc., but is later resumed, all bets will have action as long as the tournament is continued within 48 hours. If more than 48 hours have passed, all bets will have no action.

  • If for any reason a tournament is suspended and later resumed with a change in location, all bets will have no action.

► If a tournament is officially canceled and not resumed, all bets on the tournament have no action, except markets that have already been decided.

All wagers placed on markets whose outcomes have already been determined will have action!

Example: when you place a bet on a matchup for a particular round, the bet will have action as soon as the market is official (i.e., the round ends), even if the tournament is canceled after that.

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