Standard requirements for pre-approving withdrawals

For security reasons, all withdrawals must be reviewed and pre-approved by Galaxy before being processed. This includes:

  1. Rollover status
    • All rollovers must be met in full before a withdrawal can be made.
  2. Required documents
    • The first time you withdraw you'll need to send a copy of your ID (if you used a card to deposit you'll need to send a copy of the card as well).
    • For any withdrawals after the first, you may be asked to send documentation, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Withdrawal limits
    • You are able to request a maximum of 5 Bitcoin/Crypto withdrawals per week, and a maximum of 1 withdrawal per week using any other method.

Please make sure the email and phone number associated with your account are up to date in case the Withdrawal Department needs to reach you.

These reviews normally take 24 hours but could take up to 3 business days in some cases.

Once the review is complete, processing times are based on the method you're using, as shown here:

Withdrawal time frames (all methods)

For more details, please visit the pages below:

If you need any assistance withdrawing, please contact the customer solutions team through Live Chat, at 1-877-827-3978.

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