Calculating BetPoints™ on parlays & teasers

When all selections in a parlay are eligible for BetPoints™, you'll earn 2 points for every unit ($1) risked. On teasers, this is 1.5 points for every unit risked. This is regardless of the number of teams included, so a 2-team parlay risking $100 earns the same as a 10-teamer risking $100; both earn 200 BetPoints™.

If you place a parlay where one or more selections do not qualify for BetPoints™, the number of points will be adjusted accordingly.

Example: 3 team parlay risking $100, with one NFL moneyline selection (which earns zero BetPoints™)

If all 3 selections were eligible, you would receive $100x2 = 200 BetPoints™. However, in this case, because an NFL moneyline selection is included, you would be awarded as follows:

  1. Take $100 and MULTIPLY by (Numer of BetPoints™ awarded for selection 1 plus Number of BetPoints™ awarded for selection 2 plus Number of BetPoints™ awarded for selection 3) 
  2. Take this result and DIVIDE by the number of total selections in the parlay
  3. Then take this second result and MULTIPLY by 2

So, the math applied here is 100 x [(1+1+0) /3] x 2 = 133.33 BetPoints™.

The same calculation is used whenever a parlay includes selections that earn only ½ a BetPoints™.

For details on which types of bets earn zero or ½ BetPoints™, please see the article here: Earning BetPoints™.

BetPoints™ will be awarded per lesser amount of risk/win amount.

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