Calculating BetPoints™ on parlays & teasers

When all selections in a parlay are eligible for BetPoints™, you'll earn 2 points for every unit ($1) risked. On teasers, this is 1.5 points for every unit risked. This is regardless of the number of teams included, so a 2-team parlay risking $100 earns the same as a 10-team parlay risking $100; both earn 200 BetPoints™.

NOTE: If you place a two-team parlay where one of the selections does not qualify for BetPoints™, the parlay will be treated as a straight wager for the purposes of BetPoints™ and earn 1 point for every unit risked. A two-team parlay where neither selection qualifies for BetPoints™ will earn 0 points.

For details on how points are earned, please see the article here: Earning BetPoints™.

BetPoints™ will be awarded per lesser amount of risk/win amount.

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